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Reporting Hotlinked Disney Icons
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1st February - 11:18 am(no subject)
Hey guys,

Here's a comment that was posted to my journal:

Hi! ^^

Oh wow, your Disney icons are heartbreakingly-gorgeous!!! Heh, really!

I was wondering, may I please post them on my Disney fansite?
Your icons will get exposed to the 400+ visitors I get per day. :)

I will most definitely credit you on the page where I display these, of course.
And I won't hotlink. ^^

Hope you say 'Yes'!

My site:

Thanks for your time. :)

Love Misty

What do we know about this site? I'm a little wary of letting someone else put up my icons. I'm thinking of saying "no" even if they don't hotlink and do credit. What do you guys think?
17th October - 01:47 pm - Mod Post - Welcome! [mod post]
Welcome to Disney Linked!

This community's purpose is:
  • to report any hotlinked Disney icons

  • to keep a list of known offenders and where they can be found

  • to provide some tips on how to save your icons (as in removing them from the direct link path)

Hopefully, if we all get together, we can do something about these hotlinkers!

Membership for this community is moderated and posts are made friends only.

Please check out the user info before joining.

If you wish to affiliate with this community, please comment on this post. All comments will be screened.
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