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Reporting Hotlinked Disney Icons

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Disney is a popular fandom with multiple icon communites. Some people have decided that they will take these icons (without permission) and then link them to their own journals and/or sites. Some are even claiming they made these icons themselves.

By listing all hotlinkers in the one place, we can hopefully band together and get the hotlinkers to remove our hotlinked icons. Check out the black list for known sites that are hotlinking Disney icons.

Wikipedia: "the placing of a linked object, often an image, from one site in a page belonging to a second site."

To find out if an image is being hotlinked, right click on the icon and select properties. A dialogue box should appear that will show the URL of where the icon is stored. It is usually easy to tell if the image hosting accounts do not belong to the hotlinker. Does one person really need that many accounts for a few icons?

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